Sunday, February 15, 2009

Youtube - The Bombproof Sub Plan

Last week I created the bombproof sub plan. Seven minutes of quirky teacher-ness that the students would be accustom to and information about expectations and such straight from the horse's mouth. The Youtube video was embedded on the class website and was recorded for the intended audience...the students.

The problem is that they never saw it. For some reason the sub never played it for them. A sub's dream...push play and kick back. Students would magically do what they were supposed to do and questions would be answered. Of the 102 views in one day on Youtube not one of them was for the intended audience.

Try it! The Youtube quick capture video really is the ultimate sub plan, just make sure you tell the kids in the event the sub is a dud. Train a few kids in each class to be the tech helpers and make sure your sub gets to the class website for the day. I did this, but next time I will make sure the students insist on watching the sub plan as a large group to start class.


  1. What a great idea. Where can I find the link to the video? I'd like to see it. George

  2. Ha. I took it down because it was kinda nerdy. It was basically me talking and giving specific instructions and trying to figure out which way to move the examples so they would show up on the screen(the isight reverses things).